Want to do more to support women? We’ve got you covered. Utilize the resources below to learn more about the issues we’re addressing, advocate for change, and create a community that empowers women to advance. 


Resources to help you advocate for public policies that support women’s economic advancement.

Learn about the issues

Track bills

Track specific bills or topics of interest using Fast Democracy. See which bills are being discussed and submit your own statements for public hearings.

    Contact your Representatives

    Identify your local, statewide, and national representatives. Email or call your representatives and make your voice heard.

    Register to vote

    Find out if your voter registration is current. Register now to make sure you’re prepared to vote in the upcoming elections.


    Resources to help you create workplaces that support women’s economic advancement.

    Policies & practices to implement today

    Learn from the companies leading the region in creating supportive work environments for women in our 2020 Women in the Workplace Scorecard: Community Report.

    Pay your staff a living wage

    Find the standard living wage by zip code to make sure you’re paying all staff and contractors a wage that supports themselves and their families.

    Look for the 2022 Women in the Workplace Scorecard report to be released in May 2023.

    Thank you to all the organizations that participated in this important survey.


    Resources to help you stay up-to-date on WFSTL’s strategy and impact. 

    Our 2021 Impact

    The Scorecard has become a significant contribution to change and dialogue as we at the Foundation work to advance economic independence for women from diverse backgrounds throughout the St Louis area.

    Listening Tour

    In an effort to better understand how the WFSTL might positively impact the economic security of women and girls in our region, we hosted a series of listening sessions in the Spring of 2017. See what we learned.

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    If you were unable to attend Seeking Solutions Symposium – Women in the Economy: An Underleveraged Powerhouse and Why it Matters to Businesses and Communities you can view the PowerPoint HERE.