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About the Foundation

A group of dedicated, visionary women established the Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis to make charitable investments in programs that provide stabilization for at-risk women and their children. The Foundation is a volunteer organization that examines local and national issues that impact women and girls. It funds community projects that support the educational, socio-economic and health needs of women facing challenges that inhibit their full participation in our communities. The Foundation also offers philanthropic education and discussion opportunities for donors.

The Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis is affiliated with the national Women’s Funding Network, a group of funding organizations who are changing communities through thoughtful charitable investment. The Foundation embraces diversity and supports a non-political agenda.

The Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis welcomes support from anyone who is committed to removing the societal and economic obstacles women sometimes face in the St. Louis region. 

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Lisa Picker, Executive Director
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Nancy Carter, Administrative
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Join us for our next Seeking Solutions Symposium – Women in the Economy: An Underleveraged Powerhouse and Why it Matters to Businesses and Communities