Seeking Solutions 2015


November 17, 2015
8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Regional Arts Commission    6128 Delmar, St. Louis MO 63112




As the Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis searches for the most relevant information to provide supporters, grantees and the public on issues affecting women and girls, we recognize wage disparity as one of the most significant barriers to women’s success.  Studies have shown that among the fastest ways to close the wage gap is entrepreneurship: allowing us to determine our own wages, hire other women at equitable wages, and have the flexibility to manage schedules in non-traditional ways.

This workshop provides two tracks for success:

1. SOCIAL VENTURES:  Is your organization considering a social venture? Learn from social venture owners and experts about what it takes to launch a social venture and keys for sustained success!

2. SOLE PROPRIETORS: Thinking of launching your own business? Don’t let it be intimidating! The right resources and information is available. Come find out how you can leverage resources and information to get you on the track to a successful business.

Speakers and topics include:

Available Resources for Women Entrepreneurs
Julie Lawson, Executive Director of the Women’s Foundation

A look at programs, competitions and support services in the St. Louis area to give individuals and organizations the boost they need to succeed in business

Is Social Enterprise right for your organization?  
Jenny Murphy, Executive Director, Perennial StL
Mallarie Zimmer, Executive Director, Rung Boutique

Learn from St. Louis-area women-owned social enterprises in various stages of success as they discuss the pros and cons of social enterprise, how to leverage support for your organization, choosing the right business and more.        

How do I prioritize as a Sole Proprietor?
Presenter: Mary Kutheis, MCK Coaching

As sole proprietors, often working alone, it is hard to determine which task(s) to prioritize. Prioritization expert Mary Kutheis will walk participants through exercises and tips on the prioritization process, to ensure your business idea gets off the ground efficiently!

Marketing your Social Enterprise – the key to success         

Presenter: Kellee Sikes, P3 Strategies, Inc.

Kellee Sikes is an international consultant for social ventures and triple-bottom-line companies, helping them maximize their impact through effective business strategy and marketing. She will help you identify your capacity to properly market your agency’s social venture idea and maximize your current reach to support new business clients.                                                     

Am I a Brand?
Presenter: Dorothy Carlin, Simply Strategy

One of the hardest challenges in starting a women-owned business – especially as a sole proprietor – is knowing how to brand yourself as your business. Dorothy Carlin has been the face of Simply Strategy for several years and has built a successful business on her relationships within the community. Learn how she leveraged her know-how and client relationships to boost business!

11:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m.:  Why entrepreneurship? Why now?

Presenter:  Jennifer Ehlen, Prosper Women Entrepreneurs

A look at St. Louis’ most successful women entrepreneurial program, Prosper Women Entrepreneurs, and what they believes are the reasons now is the time for women to start businesses! Prosper has received recognition as a best practice and is emerging as a national leader in women’s entrepreneurship. Discover their vision for you and your organization as a successful business owner.