Copy of Grants

The Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis supports nonprofits that address the needs of women and girls.

The Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis (WFSTL) provides grants to emerging and established nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations throughout metropolitan St. Louis that seek to improve economic independence for women and girls. We believe that all women and girls in the St. Louis region are entitled to education and training that enable them to become financially self-sufficient and to care for themselves and their families in all stages of life.


Examples of program priorities are:

  • Safe and affordable childcare for women with young children

  • Mental health support for sexual trauma survivors

  • Safe, affordable and discrimination-free housing for women and their families

  • Accessible and reliable transportation for women

  • Education, training and employment pathways for all women

Our grants generally range from $2,500 to $10,000 each to support organizations whose primary purpose is serving women and girls.  Grants are made for program services and general operating support. Agencies will only be funded once in a calendar year and not more than three successive calendar years.

WFSTL expects all potential grantees to demonstrate how they promote economic independence of women and/or girls in the program for which they are requesting funds. Final reports will be due within 90 days of the end of the grant period; extensions can be made for reasons deemed acceptable to the Board through a written request by the awardees.

The Women’s Foundation will, on a limited basis, consider grants in support of advocacy efforts for initiatives that encourage women and girls to become financially independent, allowing them to care for themselves and their families in all stages of life.

The Women’s Foundation of St. Louis does not provide funds to:

    • Programs that promote, teach, or exclusively encourage a specific faith practice;

    • Physical healthcare services;  

    • Fundraising events, capital fund projects, real estate, or endowments;

    • Campaigns to elect candidates to public office;

    • Individuals; or,

    • For-profit institutions or government organizations.

The WFSTL has two funding cycles per year.  Please check back for details on the Fall 2019 funding cycle.  

Please note: If your organization previously has been awarded a WFSTL grant, and you did not submit your final report, your organization may not apply for another grant from WFSTL until one year after the due date of the delinquent final report.

Grant Requirements

Please submit both the Missouri Short form application Short Form Version 2.0  and Budget Template  Budget Templates Version 2.0 when requesting a grant.

Required attachments:

1.    Both a Project and Organization budget using the MO CGA budget templates. (NOTE: check both tabs of the spreadsheet).

2.    Organization’s most recent Audited Financial Statement or IRS Form 990.

3.    IRS Letter of Determination.

Applications should be submitted in a single PDF and be postmarked by the application deadline. Incomplete proposals will not be considered for funding. The best way to ensure your grant makes it to us by the deadline is to email it, along with all necessary attachments, as one PDF to [email protected].

Note:  Applicants should expect an email confirming receipt of their grant application within 48 hours of submitting the application.  If you do not receive an email confirmation resubmit (electronic submission strongly preferred). 

All grant applications and related forms should be submitted as a single PDF or mailed to:

WFSTL Grants Committee
8816 Manchester Road, #286
Brentwood, MO 63144-2602 or
[email protected]

Spring 2019 grantees should complete and submit the grantee report template by February 15, 2020.

Fall 2018 grantees should complete and submit the grantee report template by August 15, 2019.

Recently Funded Agencies

The Spring 2019 grants were awarded to

Center for Women in Transition

Community Organizing and Family Issues

Healing Action

The Migrant and Community Action Project

The Fall 2018 grants were awarded to

LaunchCode Foundation
National Council of Jewish Women
Women’s Safe House
YWCA of Metro St. Louis

The Spring 2018 grants were awarded to

Family Forward
Friends of Kathy J. Weinman
Healing Action
Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Program
Safe Connections

The Fall 2017 grants were awarded to

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Kingdom House
Lydia’s House
Neighborhood Houses
Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois

The Spring 2017 grants were awarded to 

Let’s Start
Missouri Women in Trades

In October 2016 the Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis funded the following agencies:

Lydia’s House
Kingdom House
Missouri Women in Trades (photos below)

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