Become a SustainHer

Extend the Impact of your Giving. Becoming a SustainHer means you are leading the charge to advance women in our region through consistent financial support.

What is a WFSTL SustainHer?

SustainHers are highly valued WFSTL donors who are committed to supporting our regional change efforts on a monthly basis. They enhance the impact of their giving by setting up an automatic monthly payment of at least $5.00 per month. The average monthly gift amount for SustainHers is $25.00.


Why should I become a SustainHer?



Our work to advance women economically depends on gifts from the community. SustainHers increase the impact of their gifts without stretching their pocketbooks. Monthly payments spread out the cost of your donation over a series of months making them more tolerable for your budget and allowing you to plan your giving expenses better.



Just like your monthly Netflix subscription, becoming a SustainHer sets you up to make automatic monthly payments so you don’t have to worry about any additional paperwork or management!



Monthly giving programs allow nonprofits to depend on a more stable revenue stream. Rather than trying to guess how many donations will come in each month, we will have a baseline of monthly donations that we know will be available and that can be budgeted more intentionally. This helps us to ensure the most effective use of donor funds.


What do SustainHers Receive?

All donations to WFSTL are tax deductible. 

What am I committing to as a SustainHer?

When signing up to become a SustainHer, you are committing to giving a donation of at least $5.00 that will be automatically withdrawn from your account on an ongoing, monthly basis until you cancel your subscription.

What does my gift pay for?

SustainHer donations are used to sustain our workplace, individual, and policy change efforts that advance women in the St. Louis region economically. These efforts include developing our Women in the Workplace Community Report through research, survey collection, employer interviews, and graphic design; hosting virtual and in-person educational events with community leaders and experts; advocating for local and statewide policies that support working women and families through meetings with public officials, submitting testimonies, and mobilizing the community; and providing grants to deserving nonprofits serving St. Louis women.

Will you help us reach our goal to create lasting change for our region?

Join us for our next Seeking Solutions Symposium – Women in the Economy: An Underleveraged Powerhouse and Why it Matters to Businesses and Communities