Another defining moment is here. A moment that has invited change, which calls for us to provide answers, but more importantly, action and resolution.  Just two short months ago, I thought our nation’s health crisis would be the moment to define 2020-with a changing landscape, particularly for women and families.  But alas, this past week we were all reminded of what it looks like when racial injustices continue to thrive.

In writing this message, I pondered many things.  How will I respond in this moment?  How can I be responsible to the community?  How can I be responsible to the Women’s Foundation?  How can I be responsible to myself?  After a few moments of deep reflection, the answer suddenly became simple:  I must use my voice, and come from behind the politics of silence to move forward the agenda of the Women’s Foundation, moving boulders.
Want to join us in moving boulders?  Support Advancing Economic Success for women through Workplace Change, Public Policy Change, and Impacting Individual Lives.  Register for our 3 part series, “A Woman’s Role in the Post-COVID Economic Recovery; meet us in August for our Legislative event, and join us September 24, 2020 for our Making A Difference Event where you will meet three women moving boulders: Ali Kindle Hogan, Carolyn Kindle Betz, and our honoree Laurna Godwin.
We are getting there, step by step, conversation by conversation.  We are pushing boulders.  Our organization and its mission were built to lead the community in times like this.  To be a voice for women and girls- and right now black women and black girls need to know that we stand in solidarity with them and are here to provide resources.
So how will we lift our collective voices to bring effective change for racial injustices?  What boulders will you help us move?  Policies in the workplace?  Or what about public policies?  Who is the woman’s life you will change for the better?
Peacefully, Eulonda Nevels