Signal for Help

Women’s Funding Network is launching the “Signal for Help” campaign, an online initiative to assist those experiencing gender-based violence while trapped with their abusers because of stay-at-home orders in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Signal for Help is a simple single-hand gesture that can be visually and silently displayed during video calls, to alert family, friends or colleagues that an individual needs help and that they would like someone to check in safely with them. The #SignalForHelp campaign is about offering a new tool for survivors, but it is also about teaching people who want to help, how to do so in a way that protects the safety and agency of the survivor.  

We know that domestic violence is on the rise around the world because of social distancing. Signal for Help is a simple way to help victims stay safe and get help. The Women’s Funding Network is asking organizations, media and businesses to help spread awareness of Signal for Help. Our goal is to share the sign widely to encourage the use of the gesture and to let women, girls and trans and non-binary people know that they need not suffer in silence — and to give their friends, families and colleagues the tools they need to help.

#SignalForHelp is just one way in which WFN and our members are promoting justice and equality for women and girls. #SignalForHelp is an example of philanthropy in action and speaks to the importance of women’s and girls’ funds and foundations all over the world. #SignalForHelp campaign is also about bringing gender-based violence out of the shadows. Now more than ever, we have to be vigilant and look out for each other.