St, Louis County Executive Sam Page pledged to make pay equity for women and minorities a priority of his administration.The County Executive was inspired by the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis’s advocacy to sign an executive order banning inquiries into the salary history of new hires in St. Louis County Government, which will help break the cycle of pay inequity by ensuring that women aren’t held back because of their previous salaries. This was the County Executive’s first major policy initiative since taking office.   

In addition, the County Executive announced that he is commissioning an internal taskforce to study opportunities to improve conditions for female employees based on the recommendations made in WFSTL’s Women in the Workplace: Employment Scorecard report in four areas of workplace equity: leadership, compensation, flexible work policies, and recruitment and retention programs.  

These measures will impact the lives of thousands of County employees and their families. The WFSTL commends the County Executive, Hazel Erby, Councilwoman Lisa Clancy and St. Louis County Government for taking this important step forward for women and calls on other employers in our region take similar action to support women and working families.

For more information on WFSTL’s Women in the Workplace: Employment Scorecard initiative or to pre-register for the 2019 survey, email [email protected]