From our Executive Director

At the State of the Union address, many wore buttons proclaiming “ERA YES” pinned to their white lapels – an endorsement of the Equal Rights Amendment which is once again gaining momentum throughout the country.
The ERA would codify equality between men and women into the US Constitution. Passed in 1972, the amendment needed to be ratified by 38 states to become law. That hasn’t happened, and for years, the ERA languished.
But recently, Nevada and Illinois ratified the amendment, leaving just one more state to finish up the job.
There is a movement here in Missouri for the “Show Me State” to be number 38.  The Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis encourages Missouri to make the historic leap.
We support the Equal Rights Amendment because we believe that all people should have protection from discrimination, regardless of sex.
If the ERA is ratified, it would:

  • Provide a clear federal judicial standard for deciding cases of sex discrimination and defense of Title IX

  • Provide a strong legal defense against the roll back of women’s rights (including but not limited to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act)

  • Recognize gender equality in the U.S. Constitution

For more information on the work in our state to ratify the ERA, follow Project 28 on Facebook.  There will be a rally at the Missouri State Capitol on April 11. WFSTL will be there – more info to come on how you can join us.
With hope,
Lisa Picker 

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