2017 Making a Difference

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Thank you to everyone who attended our sold-out Making a Difference event on September 6th. We honored Pat Rich, our Founding Board President and heard from keynote speaker, Jessica Bennett. Thank you to our sponsors and those individuals who made generous contributions in honor of Pat Rich. Watch the video that we shared at the event! Stay tuned for information about our 2018 event!

                           Event Sponsors                                         Pat Rich Tribute Donors

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Ken and Nancy Kranzberg
Patty Arnold                
Laura Dierberg Ayers
Jim and Pam Braun
Jane Callahan
Nancy Carter
Jean Cavender
Laura Cohen
Linda Cohn
Sue Dellbringee
Ellen Dubinsky
Stacey Easterling
Susan Edelstein
Kathleen Farrell
Ilene Follman
Robbye Frank
Agnes Garino
Patricia Gray
Jan Hendrickson
Nancy Kalishman
Jo Ann Kindle
Jane Klieve
Joanne Kohn
Carolyn Losos
Lynn Lys
Maureen McCarthy
Renee Michelson
Nancy Miller
Missouri Botanical Garden
Julia Muller and Earl Shreckengast
Sandra Murdock
Jill Nowak
Mary Phelan
Judith Putzel
Amy Rome
Sydell Shayer
Amy Sherrer
Jennifer Shifrin
Sarah Smith
Rose-Lynn Sokol
Sue Stepleton
Ann Warren
K. Wentzien
Ellen White

Join us for our next Seeking Solutions Symposium – Women in the Economy: An Underleveraged Powerhouse and Why it Matters to Businesses and Communities